Monday, July 31, 2006

New Business idea:

A bit of background-
when I would first go to my now wife's parent's house one thing I was a little surprised by were the strings and srings of pleated garlic hanging all over the kitchen, I hadn't really seen such things before. There were strings of onions also all pleated together by thier leaves. Aparantly every time the family would go abroad to Spain or Portugal they would pick up loads of these strings and bring them home as gifts for friends, and of course to decorate thier own kitchen. They would buy them from local markets, villagers having strung them together. Of course these strings never quite work for me and my wife, we get through the garlic and certainly the onions so fast that the strings never last too long. However they look nice and certainly add a rustic feel to a kitchen. So when I spied a few at our local farmers market this weekend I wandered over to get a look, thinking I might buy a string. Then I saw the price tag......... $22! and this was for the tiniest string, only about 10 heads of garlic. I couldn't believe they could get way with charging that much.

So simply idea-undercut these idiots. Maybe this business idea is not for me- but someone who has a piece of land- grow some garlic string it up and get selling!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

So I started doing a bit of a search for internships today- just to see what is out there and my main conclusion- sucks! Everyone had told me this is the ebst place to look for internships but it is just awful, so commercial and only comes up with those scammy internships they show you on craigslist where you work for "environmental groups" and basically stand on the street with a clip board.
Still google it seems is a much better tool for this than Wet Feet, and I found agood list of internships in the Bay Area which is where I may well be living.

Maybe I can also try Craigslist up there as it seems to be a lot better than the one we have down here (Not that I am moaning San Diego Craigslist- you are great on the furniture side of things just not so hot with jobs and volunteer oppertunities.)

Monday, July 24, 2006

Still feeling very unsure of myself and the future- getting conflicting advice coming in from all over the place.

I have been talking to people who say you should not even bother applying for an MBA unless you have 5 years work experience- 3 years being the absolute minimum.

Other people have been telling me how useless a Masters Degree in Policy would be and how it isn't worth the money.

I just don't know- it seems like one of the best things that comes out of either of these is the contacts and the internships. So now I am starting to think if this really is the bet thing to come out can I not just do the internships without the high tuition costs and the seemingly almost useless piece of paper at the end? I am going to start looking around for internships and see if this would be a possibility- if it doesn't work out I can always apply the year after.

Friday, July 21, 2006

So one more year and I will be half way to fifty. Yikes I am getting old, 24 is probably time to start making some decisions. I feel like there is nothign I am sure about anymore, like I am undeciding things more than deciding.

I don't have a clue about career yet, which means I don't know what education path to get myself on.

I don't know where I want to live- I thought it was San Diego, but then now I think probably not, I thought it was California at least, but now I think I am not even sure about that, I'm not even sure if I want to live on the West Coast. I uess we are pretty sure we want to live in the US, but even then sometimes we change our minds.

I think we are pretty sure we want three kids- but if there was ever anything as unrealiable and almost unplannable as that.... and even if we do have three kids how can we afford them.

Hmm, I thought life would get less confusing as I got older, not more.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Today we decided to make a big lifestyle change in the pursuit of happiness.
Stop watching the shows we watch all the time, stop with any unhealthy food/ and other such habits, start conciously saving money. My wife wants to get rid of the TV altogether but I'm not sure about that yet.
On the proactive side, go out for more walks, go to the zoo more, go to the beach occasionally, go hiking, camping, snorkelling. All very idealistic probably but I think we should give it a shot. stop feeling so lazy and tired all the time and start to refuel our energy.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I celebrated my 1st wedding anniversary this weekend- an impressive feat I feel, we have at least beaten all the celebrities. In truth it all went by rather quickly, and it amazes me that peoples marriages could ever last less than a year. I guess those are the people who sit around not doing too much else, with tons of time to over analyze.

Anyway my wedding anniversary made me come up with a great new business idea- well it seems it has already partly been done- but I think I could do it better. For those of you (most likely guys) who don't know, each wedding anniversary corresponds to a different material. 1st year is paper, 25th silver etc. Now there are also "modern anniversaries"

Traditional / Modern
1 Paper/ Clocks
2 Cotton / China
3 Leather / Crystal, Glass
4 Linen / Appliances
5 Wood / Silverware
6 Iron / Wood
7 Wool / Desk Sets
8 Bronze / Linens, lace
9 Pottery / Leather
10 Tin / Diamond
11 Steel / Fashion Jewelry
12 Silk / Colored Gems
13 Lace / Textiles
14 Ivory / Gold Jewelry
15 Crystal / Watches
20 China / Platinum
25 Silver / Sterling Silver
30 Pearl / Diamond
35 Coral / Jade
40 Ruby / Ruby
45 Sapphire / Sapphire
50 Gold / Gold
55 Emerald / Emerald
60 Diamond / Diamond

Personally I think the modern ones are a bit dumb- (desk sets? clocks?) plus they have diamonds 3 times, when the only time a diamond might possibly be worth buying would be after 60 years of marriage.

Anyhow here is the idea, create a web business that not only provides great ideas for dealing with all these anniversary gift types, but also sells you some of the ideas. Now this About site almost does this, but I think it could be made much more fun, appealing, and commercial (non offensive commercial) surely just what any guy has been looking for.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

My mom's thoughts:

seems like the thrust of response to this world cup has been sadness of defeat.
who would have that that uber-successful Beckham would evoke such
sympathy. But the photos of his response to the loss, his
resignation, even the photo of him returning to England with "wife and
child" were so sad. Joy, such as Ghana's at making it to the initial
rung of the finals matches, fades to the past.
Germany who handled loss with such dignity and acceptance, good words
to say for the Italians even, just took away from the fun of Italy
pulling through. Now I am unrealistically thinking maybe scores
shouldn't count unless unless at least 15 minutes are given to the
other team to respond pull something together) plus Italy also has
these game fixing allegations to deal with
Brasil, whom I truly hoped would win -- at least somebody from
another continent should be there at the end -- seemed to evoke the
least sadness -- I was stunned and in disbelief --I love the fun and
enjoyable skill show-off-ness that can be part of Brasil's play ---
but I did not feel the tragedy of defeat. Is that because of less
coverage and media sympathy/empathy for non-first world/European
countries? Or because the assumption that they will be there strong
again next world cup, so a loss is just a little blip.. Or maybe that
the game still has more elements of fun there?
is the world cup too big, with too much riding on these single games.
luck/serendipity can be such a large part of a too highly evaluated
prize. It needs to be more fun, more communal joy, less tragedy.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I thought it might be interesting now the world cup is over to post some thoughts from my friends and family as to how it all went.

Here for a start are my wife's thoughts:

It was really quite a disappointing world cup. Not so much because chosen teams didn't get through (although that didn't help), but there was just a lack of excitement, very few goals scored, very denfensive football being played and far far too much coming down to chance alone. I didn't think any of the teams in the semi finals deserved to win the world cup. I guess we had been hyping it up after having so much fun last world cup and this was a little disappointing.
I think our situation didn't help things either- last world cup we were in England on a break from school, watched all the games live (usually along with Ben, Harriet, my dad and my uncle Stephen). This year we often watched in the evensong after the games had been played (which for me somehow is not so much fun), almost always by ourselves, and were deprived of the excitement of a surrounding Nation. Even at Little Italy on Sunday we found many of the people were just there to party, or be belligerent rather than actually watch the game.
I think I am changing a lot too- I don't think sport deserves the emotional energy and substantial time I used to give it. When I was 16 years old I was the most fanatic football fan. Going to all the Cambridge United games I could, watching every Premiership match on the TV, the European matches, everything. I knew every player, every back story- I loved it so much.
However after a few years- mainly after taking a break from it all in Brazil, I realized that it was not worth my time and energy. The leagues I especially found to be so transient. There was no real loyalty- players who had been at a club for years would suddenly start to play for their arch rivals, provided they were paid enough. In the end the league came down to how much money a club had and which players they could buy. Interesting for some perhaps, but increasingly not my thing.
This being the case I still loved international soccer as this was where the loyalty still existed, this is where people really played with passion for their country, selflessly wanting to win for their fans and their nation. Such a sense of camaraderie.
I think this is till the case, but there was too much bitter disappointment in this World Cup- only Ghana and Italy came out winners. Last time around Northern Ireland did tremendously well, so did South Korea, and Brazil of course. England didn't go too far, but we beat our deadly rivals Argentina and the country was in carnival mode. Somehow there seemed less of those minor successes this world cup. I hope I will enjoy it more next year and it is not just that I have grown apart and started to find this a trivial affair.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Had a great day today,

Went down to Little Italy to watch the world cup final. I hadn't actually realized what a huge Italian population San Diego had, they outnumbered the French 100 to 1. A huge screen had been set up in the street, so that all could watch, literally thousands of people were there.

of course along with the good atmosphere you get the bad also. Some guy- who had evidently been drinking since 8am in the morning, was sitting on a chair, and yelling at the 100 or so chairless people in front of him to move out his way as they were blocking his view. This was about the most obnoxious thing I could imagine, and his yelling continued for much of the first half, spoiling the game a little and certainly suggesting that perhaps he wasn't all that interested in watching anyhow.

I was initially supporting Franc- Zidane being my main reason, wanting him to have a good exit out. I have to say I was a little swayed by the huge crowd around me, and my thought of the scenes of celebration- but nothing did more to complete my shift in allegiance than the head but. How sad that it should end like this for him. We expect such things from the youngsters, hot and fiery tempers from the likes of Rooney, Christiano Ronaldo, and the 98 Beckham, that is just part of the world cup. But we do expect these older ones, Figo and Zidanne, the greats of this decade, to set an example, to be sportsmen, It was a shame and left us all with a bad taste in the mouth.

This has been sadly quite a disappointing world cup.

Monday, July 03, 2006

EIN number arrived- already, yay.

I'm actually amazed how quickly it came, I am definitely not used to government doing things at any sort of resaonable pace. My wife's visa, permanent resident card, and work permit have all taken extortionate long to come throuhg- i'm talking years- and yet this one little number came in a matter of days. I guess it shows what this capitalist country values- businesses. And of course not only that, but the government is of course very encouraging of you paying them all the taxes you can.