Sunday, October 29, 2006

Went to a very fun Halloween party last night.

First let me proudly say we spent a total of $14 on our costumes (for the two of us.
I was Clark Kent - Superman t-shirt covered in white button down shirt, black pants, glasses, gelled back hair. Of course top buttons were down to show the Superman T-shirt below.

("I'm very mild mannered" in case people didn't quite catch on. )

My wife was Hermione Granger. Black dress and coat, red scarf, black witches hat, back combed bushy hair and topped it off with a S.P.E.W. badge.
"You can't apparate or disapparate inside the Hogwarts grounds- haven't you ever read Hogwarts, A History."

Anyway, lots of fun was had - some jello shot eyeballs, and other interesting Halloween delights were on offer. The best costume we saw was Lil' Kim in her jail uniform, big booty and all. The worst costumes being soccer players (three different ones, none of whom incidentally knew anything about soccer).

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Prestige-

Wow, what a great movie. Still in my mind I am going back over little details, tiny little plot and character items that had been placed, early on to set the scene. Now that the movie is over and their significance realized this film is even more appreciated in its magnificence. Even now several hours later I am still a little blown away by this film.

Christian Bale was of course just amazing, a really and gritty performance. Hugh Jackman was also so great that I barely made the connection with the actor- this was not what I would have expected for Mr. Jackman. The rest of the star studded cast all did wonderfully, and indeed this was one of Michael Caine's better choices (we still haven't forgiven Miss Congeniality).

At times the plot of this movie seemed slow, but it was all important after the fact, this was simply setting the show, setting the scene for the amazing prestige. Mind you, a movie not for the faint hearted and the rather more gruesome aspects of the movie are still horrifying me as I speak.

Of course you are guessing right to the end, and I am heartily glad I saw the movie before anything was spoilt for me.

i do not want to say too much more, as I am afraid to give too much away. but worthy of Oscars certainly this is an incredible movie that must be seen. Just be warned, if the birds upset you, this is only the start.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

This morning at the Hillcrest farmers market I saw my old Boss, (a typical Nazi head chef type). Even just seeing him made a chill go down my spine. It makes me so grateful of my current job, which although perhaps not as excited as work in a kitchen, I nonetheless do not live in constant fear of his tirades. That sort of living is so tiring.
I really don't appreciate having nice bosses enough, what a difference that can make! One of my friends is currently having real trouble with her boss. she loves her job generally, really enjoys everything she does, has no problem working very hard and is really dedicated. The boss however is driving her to a point where she is almost ready to throw in the towel. In contrast to my old nightmare boss, this is not a guy who storms and yells. Rather he is quiet, passive aggressive and is his most hurtful by simply not answering questions he has no interest in and failing to appreciate a single thing that she does.
It is a frightening thing how much power our bosses can have. However crazy and unstable they might be as individuals, however poor their judgment might be, they nonetheless have our future careers in their hands, and through a less than stellar recommendation in the future can possible alter our course for the worst.
Tomorrow is Bosses Day. Something I really think is a stupid excuse to eat more unhealthy food and donate to Hallmark. Nonetheless now appreciating how lucky I am with my bosses I think I will throw in a few dollars for the bunch of flowers our office is planning on getting our top exec.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Hmmm going back to the joint MBA/JD thought and I just don't think it really would have any value. Well, I mean that it just wouldn't be worth it. Plus I am the last person who needs to procrastinate further! I need to decide MBA or JD, or whatever else I will do and just get on with it. It seems to me the joint degree option is really just for those who can't decide, those who have big eyes, or those whose parents will pay for them to do both, and end up with a prestige worthy son/daughter. Searching around I really honestly haven't found a place at it is useful. Especially the option at Northwestern. I mean if you can get a JD or an MBA there you should be pretty set, there's just no reason to do both.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Considering an MBA or Accounting Degree

Recently I've been becoming more and more attracted to the idea of an MBA. I've been hesitant at times due to hearing from some people that it is a degree which attempts to teach skills which cannot be taught, that succeeding in the business world is not about learning theories in the classroom.

Part of my recent change in preference has been due to my internship at a start-up company. It's not until I really dived into the business world up close that I realized how much there is to it that can be taught in general. Business plans submitted to investors, marketing techniques, basic accounting, these are concepts which the people I'm working with would have been fortunate to have learned prior to actually attempting to do it. Theirs has been a process largely based upon trial and error, meanwhile their time line for attracting an investor for their company draws nearer.

Setting my sights on an MBA also gives me more time to really decide if this is what I want to do. Since many MBA degree programs not only recommend, but require students to get multiple years of work experience before entering their programs, I can use this time to not only build my resume but explore other opportunities, including deciding whether this is the right path for me. Hopefully this current internship will do even more to help answer that question.

Until then, if you're interested in getting your MBA, here are some resources I highly suggest:

Friday, October 06, 2006

Well after hundreds of Craig's List purchases and sales I think we finally have our house the way we want it. The final touch was posting our beat up old coffee table for free (it went in about 1/2 an hour) and finding a replacement. We were so lucky in finding a replacement, some guy up the street - about 3 blocks from our house, selling a really great light wood table, with a matching end table. All for the wonderful price of $25. I think we should be able to make money off this one.
Not so much with the Lazy Boy sofa bed we just bought- got torn on the way in and took the value down t least $100. Oh well you win some and loose some.

Best purchase of the month: Our King Sleigh bed, with accompanying wonderful mattress- all for $450. Not cheap but certainly value for money. I haven't woken with a single back pain since!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,

I am really loving this show. I'm so happy to have something to replace the WEst Wing so adequately. It certainly ids the best new show of the season. I guess I am still not entirely sure that I like Amanda Peet's character. She does not seem believable and is not as strong as Sorkin's female characters like CJ and Abby Bartlet.
Still I think Matt Perry and Brad Whitford are just great, and it is really nice to see Timothy Busfield also- great role for him. The writing in the show, from the dialouge to the humanity simply puts every other show on television to shame.
One thing I am not quite happy with is the female comic lead, she just doesn't seem funny. Still I will give her a chance, and in the mean time enjoy the show and be inspired to move to LA or New York and start working in television. It looks so exciting and I love how Sorkin removes the trivial.